The climate crisis, energy shortages, supply bottlenecks, environmental pollution – the world is facing enormous challenges. As a Swiss company fully dedicated to Green Technology solutions and the ability to recycle environmentally harmful products, we hold the key to making the future of our planet greener and more sustainable.

Around 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced in Europe each year. We have developed a recycling process to produce high-quality product oil and hydrogen from mixed plastic waste. We also have a ready-made green solution for the many tonnes of crude oil slag that accumulates in old heating systems throughout Germany, which is based on the principle of the circular economy and zero waste production. With our pioneering spirit and sophisticated Green Tech solutions, we can revolutionise the energy cycle. As Swiss Green Tech visionaries and recycling specialists, we operate with speed and agility in this dynamically growing market. This is also very appealing for investors who want to invest in green technologies. We have the knowledge to transform the energy industry. Just Green Technologies – this is what enespa ag stands for.

A recycling process that is unique worldwide: Mixed plastic waste becomes high-quality product oil.

We develop, produce and operate machinery that produces sustainable and high-quality product oil from mixed plastic waste. With enespa's mixed plastic recycling, waste is turned into raw material again, making today's objective of zero waste production a reality.

Product oil for industry

Refineries produce a granulate from our product oil for manufacturers of high-quality plastic products. This is what effective plastic recycling is all about.

Hydrogen – a market of the future

We are always at the forefront when it comes to Green Technologies. Now we have a new Green Tech thoroughbred in the stable – for the market of the future that is hydrogen.

Circular economy – also attractive for investors

No one else offers returns as high as enespa ag. Why? Because we have been operating successfully in this specific and dynamic growth market for years.

Just Green Technologies –
we live by our motto

Our engineers have been ahead of the curve for years with their research into Green Technologies. Our goal is to create a worthwhile future for the planet. Probably the most important finding so far is that complex plastic waste or oil sludge are not waste, but valuable raw materials. This assumes that you have the right technologies and use them economically. Our certified process, which we use to extract product oil from mixed plastic waste, is based on the principle of thermolysis. This is just one ace in the pack of our Green Tech solutions.

Throughout Europe, customers in business, as well as institutions in the public sector, benefit from our technologies, services and products, which are geared towards sustainable recycling and zero waste production. With the thermolysis process developed by enespa, we can recycle mixed plastic waste on an industrial level. At the Hoyerswerda site, we are currently planning “dewatering columns” to process used oil and oil sludge and further refine our high-quality product oil. Furthermore, in our laboratory in Aalen we are researching new Green Technologies every day, such as the splitting and extraction of hydrogen in the plastic processing process. This nearly CO2-neutral, future-proof resource can be used to operate long-distance buses and vehicles, for example. Our development work in the field of plastic recycling and zero waste production also pays off for investors, as they benefit from high returns. Going public has always been a dream of founder and CEO Cyrill Hugi. enespa ag is currently working intensively on laying the foundations to be able to trade its shares freely on a regulated market. The IPO is planned for 2024/2025. The decision and timing depend on many factors. Just Green Technologies on the road to success.

Just green technologies  Just green technologies