Purchase of a laboratory and the first hydrogen experiments

The purchase of a new laboratory is opening up new opportunities for enespa. In our laboratory, we measure material flows and the different product oil qualities – a real rarity. We can also use this laboratory in a number of ways in the service sector: for various research activities or to investigate different material flows. With this acquisition, enespa has gained more flexibility, saves costs and is creating unprecedented agility in various processes. This means that we are noticeably consolidating our position in the successful circular economy!


First steps in hydrogen production

The first trials in hydrogen production are in full swing – our research and development department is setting new standards and opportunities for enespa with this step. The aim is to produce hydrogen through the thermolysis process with a few technical adjustments. In the meantime, enespa is producing a high-quality product oil, refining oils and will, therefore, also produce hydrogen in the future.


Capital increase by shares and a new bond with a 5.5% annual interest rate

enespa is planning another share capital increase. An extraordinary general meeting was convened for this purpose. All shareholders are entitled to vote. The aim is to create more shares for future investors to purchase. The new debenture bond with an annual interest rate of 5.5% also got off to a good start. This has been approved by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA) and is available from CHF 50,000. The subscription period runs until 1 February 2028.

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