Current results

At the moment, enespa has 47 employees. The communicated turnover targets have been achieved and even exceeded. We are already in six figures as of today and will reach the seven-figure mark by the end of the summer. The steel price is subject to a high level of volatility. For this reason, enespa secured steel until the end of the year and this has now been delivered.


Status of the permits

We already have existing operating licences in Aalen, Delitzsch and Hoyerswerda. As a next step, we are planning to expand capacity ten times over. At the same time, we are working on obtaining an unrestricted operating licence. In Hoyerswerda, the public has been involved in the final process. The public display has been provided with a four week deadline. At the Aalen and Delitzsch sites, enespa is maintaining close contact with the head of the granting authority. This should speed up the process noticeably.


Status of the funding

enespa plans to pay in a further 110,000 shares. Since 18 May, 1,250,000 shares have been available for the next tranche. We plan to increase the share price from the current CHF 21.00 to CHF 23.00, probably from 1 July 2022. The new 4.4% bond has started well and the 5.5% bond is still running.

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