Corporate security

We have had our integral security preventively audited by an external service provider, Swiss Business Protection AG. This allowed us to gain a lot of valuable data and insights. We are constantly working on the highest security standards, so that the data of our investors, as well as our company secrets, stays protected.


Production picks up speed

Oil production in Hoyerswerda is running smoothly after more than six months. We are working on scaling up our facilities and aiming for a much higher output.


Our machine construction in Aalen

The construction of our machines has already moved at a very fast pace after a few weeks. This will enable us to deliver orders from Australia, Dubai and India on time by the end of the year. Our team on the ground is doing an exceptional job – thank you very much for that!


What about our funding?

We have an increase of over 60% compared with 2021. Our share price is CHF 23.00 and we are aiming for a further increase in September. We would like to thank all of our investors for their great trust!

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