In the enespa Update of February 6, 2023, CEO Cyrill René Hugi talks about the milestones we reached last year, the topics and areas in which we made progress, and the challenges we are currently facing.

Personnel | Enormous growth

In 2022, we have grown from 20 employees to twice that number. We have become an attractive employer and receive people from well-known groups who want to work for us, at enespa ag. Unfortunately, we had to accept a few frictional losses and lay off individuals. We have reacted quickly. We now have a multi-skilling system and an HR manager who is questioning and optimizing the current processes. In addition, we were able to hire an apprentice in mediamatics and a trainee in process technology.


Figures | Exceeded expectations

In terms of figures, we achieved a six-figure turnover in 2022 by the middle of the year. By the end of the year, we were able to add another position to this: We recorded a seven-digit turnover. We were extraordinarily pleased when we were able to issue our first large invoice – a very emotional moment.


Financing | We are taken seriously

From 2021 to 2022, we were able to attract over 40% more investors to our activities. We have set our sights high for 2023: We are taking a close look at bank financing, leasing and other instruments. We are also planning another share capital increase. Here, it is central to combine the right price with the right market demand. And from our point of view, to keep control. What pleases us is that we are being taken seriously. We receive offers from outside without requesting them.


At this point: Many thanks to all our partners and all our investors.

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