In this update, you will learn more about our sites and our plans for this year. What do we have planned? Where are we headed? And last but not least: How do we achieve our main project Next Level?

Sites | Expansion

For the year 2023, we have set ourselves the goal of being able to build 5 machines per month in Aalen. In addition, our upgrading plant in Hoyerswerda will be enlarged to 100 tons per day in the first quarter of this year. In Delitzsch, preparations are being made for another large-scale plant of 200 tons per day of plastic-to-oil. And in the very north of Germany, in Cuxhaven to be precise, the construction of a further upgrading plant is being planned.


Next Level | Integration

Last year we launched our main project “Next Level”. For us, this means: reacting faster, being constantly attentive, relentlessly looking forward. In this context, this year we are integrating our electrical engineering supplier, along with 2000 square meters of production space and the entire team.


Collaboration | BioDesign

We are expanding our network. A collaboration with a Swiss foundation called “BioDesign” is planned. What does this mean: A designer must finish thinking about his product from start to finish, including recycling. If he does this, he receives a “BioDesign” stamp or certificate. As an example: Fishermen already fish 25% of plastic from the sea using nets. What do they do with this plastic? They throw it away. “BioDesign” accepts this plastic and passes it on to us; we will process it.

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