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Your investment in the future: Well-conceived plastics recycling

Recycling mixed plastic waste is responding to a great need. Together with partner Biofabrik Technologies GmbH, ENESPA will be one of the first companies to recycle mixed plastic waste economically and productively. The end product of the recycling process is high-quality paraffin oil, which serves as a raw material for the production of plastic granulates.

Participate in the real economy with your investment and not in an opaque financial structure. Our straightforward public limited company stands for transparency and direct communication.

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Managing Director Cyril Hugi says:

“For the first time, we are offering investors the chance to be very close to the future market of plastics recycling. With our thermolysis process, we have developed exactly what the future needs:
Huge amounts of plastic will not simply disappear, e.g. in the sea or in landfills, nor will they be incinerated, but recycled cleanly and sensibly into high-quality  paraffin oil.”

Recycling in its traditional form is already good business. With our thermolysis process, we accumulate income from the disposal and sale of the recovered paraffin oil.
Due to the modular design, we are expanding capacities with only a slight increase in costs, which means that profits are also developing exponentially.

Everything is ready for the operation of the first facility. Supplier and purchase agreements have been concluded, the location has been secured and the technology has been functioning flawlessly in continuous operation. With the new capital, ENESPA AG will purchase and operate the first facility in 2021. Further facilities will be built and operated immediately from the proceeds.

Recycling plastic waste is essential — with our thermolysis process we are the only clean and sensible solution available. As a result, 1,000 litres of high-quality paraffin oil are obtained from 1,000 kg of plastic waste. This technology addresses a huge need.

Our thermolysis process will help to ensure that more plastic waste is collected from communities around the world for this profitable recycling procedure. We look forward to a less polluted and less burdened environment.

Bond in Swiss francs
ENESPA AG, Balzers
18% return after 4 years

Invest ecologically and sustainably in the
lucrative recycling market

  • Issuer: ENESPA AG, Balzers (FL)
  • Yearly payments of 4.5% interest for 4 years
  • Issuance regulated by the licensed auditing firm Moore Stephens
  • Denomination: CHF 1,000.00 and multiples thereof
  • without commission
  • Sector: Innovative plastics recycling with huge market potential

ENESPA AG stands for “Waste to Power” and this sustainable approach is rooted in our personal views: a responsible approach to the environment and its resources, including a duty towards our children.
That is why we are establishing the world’s first recycling facility for mixed plastic waste with our partner, Biofabrik Technologie GmbH. The technology is fully developed and the construction of the first 1,000 kg/day facility is under way.

Investments starting at CHF 1,000.

You can invest in the exciting recycling market for as little as this and benefit from 4.5% annual interest.
With an investment of e.g. CHF 30,000, your total returns after 4 years will be CHF 5,400, not taking into account exchange rate fluctuations. This corresponds to a return of 18% after 4 years.
Your capital will be invested directly into the production facilities.

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For our children:
Ecological and economical
invest wisely

ENESPA AG will generate positive cash flow starting with the first investment. By operating several facilities simultaneously, revenues increase disproportionately and, accordingly, so does the value of the company. There is great demand for this technology. 18 locations in Germany are interested in operating a facility at this time.

Several sites in Germany are showing great interest in operating the recycling facilities. We will put the first facility into operation where we find the best conditions. Thanks to the mobility of the units, we are flexible when it comes to location. The business development unit of the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park in Spreetal is very interested in the ENESPA project. Following a thorough investigation, the responsible development bank declared the project eligible for funding. The project will be supported by the development bank once the approval process is completed.

The aim is for the first 8,000 kg/day facility in the industrial park to be commissionedby the end of 2021. As soon as this facility is in reliable operation, ENESPA will build another ten facilities and then gradually expand to forty facilities. The ten facilities are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

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