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Profit growth when operating several facilities

Revenue development from operating several facilities. The modular design of the thermolysis facility makes it easy to grow capacity with little increase in operating costs.

Development of plastic waste and its recycling

Incinerating plastic waste cannot be the solution. The incineration of plastic waste is becoming more and more restricted by law. Plastics recycling is finally possible with the thermolysis process. Huge amounts of plastic waste are ready for recycling.

The first plant will start production in autumn 2021. After stable operation, production will be expanded to further facilities.

Recycling — a new and exciting business sector

The potential in plastics recycling is enormous. The amount of plastic waste is increasing and raw materials of all kinds are becoming scarcer. Initial calculations in 2011 showed that the recycling of mixed plastic waste is a very promising business. For over 20 years, thermolysis systems have been experimented with at various locations around the world.
Similarly, ENESPA AG built a test plant, which was in operation for 2 weeks. In 2019, ENESPA AG entered into a partnership with a manufacturer who builds thermolysis plants at a competitive price. This enables ENESPA AG to concentrate fully on the operation of plastics recycling plants. The expertise gained in earlier years is coming to fruition.

Parallel operation of the facility creates considerable synergies

The systems are installed modularly in 40-foot containers. This allows operations to be expanded step by step. The more modules that are in  operation together, the higher the reliability and the lower the personnel requirements per facility. After the stable operation of the first facility, the next step will be to order and commission 9 more facilities.

Several locations in Germany are available

In addition to the “Schwarze Pumpe” site in Saxony, there are many other options. We will choose the first location based on current advantages. 35,000 m² are available for operation at the “Schwarze Pumpe” industrial site in Saxony. A rough plan is in place and the environmental impact assessments have been completed. Raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and paraffin oil customers are located in the immediate vicinity. The modular design of the facility means that it will also be possible to operate the systems at the raw material supplier’s or the paraffin oil purchaser’s premises at a later date.

Hochwertiger Rohstoff als Resultat

In unserem Thermolyseprozess bleibt die chemische Energie des Plastikabfalls zu 90 % erhalten, denn das Ergebnis ist hochwertiges, schwefelarmes Paraffinöl. Das hochwertige Paraffinöl kann in Industrie und Gewerbe problemlos als Ersatz für herkömmliches Rohöl zur Energiegewinnung und Plastikherstellung verwendet werden.

Investing in plastics recycling — made possible for the first time

With this thermolysis process, a technology has been created that solves the problem of recycling mixed plastic waste in a sustainable and intelligent way. Several locations in Germany are already interested in facilities. Raw material (plastic waste) is available in huge quantities and the sale of paraffin oil to one of the largest refineries has been secured.

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ENESPA AG will generate positive cash flow starting with the first investment. By operating several facilities simultaneously, revenues increase disproportionately and, accordingly, so does the value of the company. There is great demand for this technology. 18 locations in Germany are interested in operating a facility at this time.

Several sites in Germany are showing great interest in operating the recycling facilities. We will put the first facility into operation where we find the best conditions. Thanks to the mobility of the units, we are flexible when it comes to location. The business development unit of the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park in Spreetal is very interested in the ENESPA project. Following a thorough investigation, the responsible development bank declared the project eligible for funding. The project will be supported by the development bank once the approval process is completed.

The aim is for the first 8,000 kg/day facility in the industrial park to be commissionedby the end of 2021. As soon as this facility is in reliable operation, ENESPA will build another ten facilities and then gradually expand to forty facilities. The ten facilities are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

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