As a team of innovative engineers, we are fully focused on the development of future-proof solutions in the fields of plastic recycling, oil production, hydrogen processing and sludge recycling. Our expertise in Green Technology and our experience in operating industrial facilities make us the right partner for private investors, as well as for financial companies, wholesale investors, municipalities and institutions that want to gain a foothold in sustainable, ecological markets.

Whether you are a small or large investor, with your investment you will benefit several times over from our sustainable growth strategy: thanks to our existing, guaranteed supplier and purchasing contracts, we generate secure sales from the production of product oil from mixed plastic waste, regardless of the current economic situation. For investors, this means long-term security.

enespa ag has long been on course

Currently, about 40 million euros of the current business model have been financed. The trend for 2023 is clearly pointing upwards. In addition, there is potential in the area of new innovations. Because we know the markets and are looking for new applications every day, we also have a reputation for being real game changers in the field of used oil recycling and hydrogen production from recycled plastic waste.

Your investment opportunities


By purchasing registered shares in enespa ag, you can secure direct participation in our long-term growth.


By purchasing enespa ag bonds in CHF, you benefit from attractive annual interest rates with different payout models.

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Plastic recycling – thermolysis technology with huge potential

enespa will generate a positive cash flow from the very first plant. The parallel operation of several plants increases revenues exponentially – and the same goes for the enterprise value. There is great demand for this technology. 18 locations in Germany are interested in operating a facility at this time.

Several sites in Germany are showing keen interest in operating our recycling plants. We will put the first facility into operation where we find the best conditions. Thanks to the portability of the installations, we can be flexible about the sites. The business development agency of the “Schwarze Pumpe” industrial park in Spreetal has shown great interest in the enespa project. After a thorough examination, the development bank responsible has declared the project to be eligible for funding. Thanks to this declaration, the project is now also being supported by the development bank.

We will commission the first 10,000 kg/day plastic-to-oil plant in spring 2023. As soon as the plant is running smoothly, enespa will build further installations and increase processing capacities step by step.

Thanks to existing guaranteed supplier and customer contracts, we are generating reliable sales in product oil production from mixed plastic waste, regardless of the current economic situation. For investors, this means long-term security.