Detailed information: Bonds and shares from enespa ag

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How to invest sustainably. Share purchase and bonds for our unique process that turns mixed plastic waste into a high-quality product oil.

  • Over-the-counter purchase of Swiss shares
  • No commission
  • Huge market potential
  • Almost CO₂-neutral recycling process

Globally unique: With our unique recycling process, we turn mixed plastic waste into a high-quality product oil

No wonder our high-quality product oil is finding more and more customers in the machinery, automotive, metal and textile industries, as well as in the manufacturing industry in general. Sustainably produced oil represents a new era of the circular economy, combining sustainability with the basic needs of the manufacturing economy.


For you as an investor, our globally unique process offers a lucrative entry ticket into green technologies. By purchasing our registered shares or bonds over the counter, you will benefit directly from our long-term growth. Because plastic waste is produced independently of economic fluctuations, your investment is not only sustainable but also crisis-proof.

Plastic recycling – a future market with great potential

  • The market is huge and the competition for thermolytic recycling is low
  • enespa ag earns money from the purchase of plastic waste and from selling the product oil
  • Each system with an investment value of approx. 1.3 million euros can be deployed very quickly, in a modular way and thus productively.
  • Our plants have a processing capacity of 50,000 kg/day, making them more efficient and economical than comparable large-scale recycling plants.
Just green technologies  Just green technologies 

Green Tech as a way out of the crisis

Our green tech solution has huge potential: New, sustainable plastic products are created from the product oil we extract. Our unique process not only works holistically according to the principle of the ecological circular economy – it is also a lucrative option economically.

From waste to raw material. With our thermolysis process, we provide energy recovery from mixed plastics. We turn this mixed plastic waste back into a high-quality raw material.

Industries, distributors and discounters produce tonnes of plastic waste, which is often simply burned needlessly. We offer new solutions for all waste producers, so that they can use their plastic waste again as a valuable resource.

Our product oil production is efficient and sustainable: from 1,000 kg of plastic, 1,000 l or 890 kg of product oil can be refined in our facilities. Our high-quality oil is not only used for energy production but also for plastic production in industry and commerce.

Because plastic will continue to be a central component of industrial production in the future, more and more investors are investing in enespa AG’s future-proof solution.

Investing sustainably is more worthwhile than ever: positive cash flow will be generated from the very first facility

Our experience in developing economic green technology solutions makes us the ideal partner for investors who want to combine economic success with ecological values in a sustainable manner.

Share capital increase

• Since 28/04/2022, 1,250,000 shares have been offered for sale at a nominal value of CHF 1.00 per share. The current share price is indicated on the subscription form

• Packages of 1,000 shares

• The share issue is FIDLEG (Swiss Financial Services Act) compliant and the issue prospectus has been inspected by The prospectus is available here

• enespa ag’s auditors are Grant Thornton AG, Zurich

• You can find our annual report here


Scenarios for business development

Assumptions: Price for oil sales: €600.00 | Price intake for mixed plastic waste: €40.00/t
Price per manufactured unit: €1,370,000 | Production day: 300 per year | Taxes are taken into account


We assume the conservative scenario for 2023 and expect revenues and profits according to the “target” scenario for 2024.

Development of the issue price of enespa registered shares

  • From CHF 12.00 in 2020 to CHF 28.00 currently (as of May 2023), the share price has risen continuously thanks to encouraging demand
  • The IPO is planned for 2024 or 2025 at the latest. Preparations are already underway

News on the business development of enespa AG

We will inform you regularly about our progress, successes and developments as we turn waste into raw material again.

We live and breathe green technologies

The team at enespa ag works differently. Since the company was founded, we have set ourselves the goal of investing our know-how in Green Technology. Sustainability and the compatibility of the economy with the ecology are values that we live by every day.

Just green technologies  Just green technologies