Detailed documents on the share capital increase of enespa ag, Appenzell

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Lucrative: Your investment in the unique recycling solution for mixed plastic waste

  • Over-the-counter purchase of Swiss shares
  • Huge market potential
  • Green Technology investment
  • Almost CO2-neutral recycling process

A world first: Our Green Tech innovation turns plastic waste into raw material

There is an immense global plastic waste problem and we at enespa ag have a technologically mature solution. With our specially developed recycling process, we turn mixed plastic waste into high-quality product oil – on an industrial level. The construction and operation of our plants is both ecological and lucrative for investors. By purchasing registered shares in enespa ag, you can gain a direct stake in our long-term growth.

By buying Swiss shares over-the-counter, you will participate in our success. Since plastic waste continues to be generated in times of economic crisis, your investment provides good diversification compared to other financial investments.

Plastic recycling with huge potential

  • The market is huge and the competition for thermolytic recycling is low
  • enespa ag earns money from the purchase of plastic waste and from selling the product oil
  • Each system with an investment value of approx. 1.3 million euros can be deployed very quickly, in a modular way and thus productively
  • Our plants have a processing capacity of 50,000 kg/day, making them more efficient and economical than comparable large-scale recycling plants.

“Our Green Tech innovation offers investors the chance to actively participate in the future market of plastic recycling. With our thermolysis process, we have developed exactly what the future needs: Huge amounts of plastic are recycled cleanly and sensibly into high quality product oil, instead of being dumped in a landfill or incinerated somewhere.”
Cyrill Hugi

Further information on Green Tech solutions from enespa ag

Just green technologies  Just green technologies 

This green technology solves our plastic problem

The thermolysis plants developed by our engineers operate holistically and sustainably – and they pay off economically. We turn waste into a valuable raw material that can be returned to the production cycle.

Test operation for the first recycling module achieving 1,000 kg/day has been completed successfully. The first industrial plant with a more advanced linear 10 ton/day installation is under construction. An initial pilot plant will be assembled near our site in cooperation with the local recycling partner GOA. It will go into operation in spring 2023. Central components of the system have been patented.

To date, supply contracts are in place for more than 60,000 tons of properly processed plastic waste per year, while existing purchase contracts for the product oil amount to unlimited quantities.

Several sites are currently in the final round of official qualification for the construction and operation of our unique plant.

You can find out up-to-date information on the project progress at the GOA site near Aalen. We provide up-to-date information on social media, as well as news articles on our website.

Excellent prospects for investors: Positive cash flow will be generated from the very first facility

By selling shares over-the-counter, you as an investor can participate in the huge potential of our recycling technology. Positive cash flow is generated from the very first installation. The simultaneous operation of several plants delivers great synergies, which ensures the dynamic development of the enterprise value.

Share capital increase

• Since 28/04/2022, 1,250,000 shares have been offered for sale at a nominal value of CHF 1.00 per share. The current share price is indicated on the subscription certificate

• Packages of 1,000 shares

• The share issue is FIDLEG (Swiss Financial Services Act) compliant and the issue prospectus has been inspected by

• The prospectus is available here. enespa ag’s auditors are Grant Thornton AG, Zurich

• You can find our annual report here

Scenarios for business development

Assumptions: Price for oil sales: €600.00 | Price intake for mixed plastic waste: €40.00/t
Price per manufactured unit: €1,370,000 | Production day: 300 per year | Taxes are taken into account

We assume the conservative scenario for 2023 and expect revenues and profits according to the “target” scenario for 2024.

Development of the issue price of enespa registered shares

  • From CHF 12.00 in 2020 to CHF 28.00 currently (as of May 2023), the share price has risen continuously thanks to encouraging demand
  • The IPO is planned for 2024 or 2025 at the latest. Preparations are already underway

Basis for the forecast shown above

• 12-20 employees to operate 10-40 plants

• Sales revenue of 650 euros per ton of product oil (price depends on market situation)

• Revenues of 40 euros for the purchase of one ton of plastic waste

News on the business development of enespa ag

We will inform you regularly about our progress, successes and developments as we turn waste into raw material again.

Just green technologies  Just green technologies 

Invest in a sustainable and ecologically
invest wisely

We live and breathe green technologies. Our team,
which now numbers over 50, does things differently. It consists of experienced engineers, who act freely on their inventive spirit each and every day. As tireless innovators, we aspire to use effective means to kick-start the circular economy, which is central to the future of our planet.