As a developer of Green Tech processes and products, we support our customers in filling the gaps in their production cycles through specific engineering processes and in using sustainable future technologies to be at the forefront of newly emerging future markets worldwide. With its innovative and intelligent solutions, enespa is committed to a sustainable economy and the preservation of our habitable planet.

We are creating the future: with hydrogen produced from plastic

We are constantly researching new green technologies and are currently working on separating hydrogen in the plastics processing process. With our self-developed hydrogen production, we ensure that the gases produced as part of the thermolysis process do not evaporate into the atmosphere, but can, instead, be used sustainably. This means that hydrogen can be used in vehicles in an almost CO2-neutral way.

Valuable oil from used oil and oil sludge thanks to specialised recycling

At the Hoyerswerda site, we process industrial used oil and oil sludge into oil in our dewatering columns. For this purpose, we pump oil sludge from the contaminated oil tanks of private customers and refine the oil. This oil refining is our second most important business area. With our treatment process for the reuse of oil and oil sludge, enespa is proving that all resources are valuable in a sustainable economy. We convert the used oil and oil sludge that we collect from old tanks into valuable new oil that can be used in a range of production processes. This is also an example of Green Tech by enespa.

Acting sustainably together

Would you like to be involved in emerging future markets that are ecological and have huge economic potential? In a non-binding discussion, we can show you which technologies could be useful in your industry.