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Plots and approval procedures

Several companies and municipalities offered us a site to operate the recycling facilities. We assessed the offers according to logistical and economic criteria. However, over time it became apparent that the decisive factor was the authorities involved in the approval process.

Logistical and economical criteria
We first considered proximity to the raw material and to the buyer of the final product. Proximity to the module manufacturer is also an important factor for the maintenance of the modules. Of course, costs for plots and any subsidies also need to be taken into account. Ultimately, the flexibility of the authorities with regard to the approval process emerged as the most important factor, so we added more sites during this process for flexibility and safety reasons.

The approval process as an agile procedure
The following authorities require detailed documents for their sector

  • Immission control
  • Building authority
  • Waste, contaminated sites and soil protection
  • Water pollution control

In order to complete the approval process successfully in the required time, close cooperation with the authorities is crucial. During the test operation, our project manager was in close contact with the individual departments. We continuously expanded on the documents, which were then reviewed by the individual authorities. Following this active exchange, the documents are ready to be merged into one overall document. This will be submitted to the District Office by the beginning of June and then reviewed there. We are confident that we will have the approvals by the end of July 2021.

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For our children:
Ecological and economical
invest wisely

ENESPA AG will generate positive cash flow starting with the first investment. By operating several facilities simultaneously, revenues increase disproportionately and, accordingly, so does the value of the company. There is great demand for this technology. 18 locations in Germany are interested in operating a facility at this time.

The business development fund of the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park is very interested in the ENESPA project. Following a thorough investigation, the responsible development bank declared the project eligible for funding. The project will be supported by the development bank once the approval process is completed. The approval process is in progress. (As of July 2020)

The aim is for the first 5,000 kg/day facility in the industrial park to be commissionedby the end of 2020. As soon as this facility is in reliable operation, ENESPA will build another ten facilities and then gradually expand to forty facilities. The ten facilities are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2021.

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