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Commissioning of the ENESPA Wastx P1000 for testing

After intensive preparatory work by the technicians, the first P1000 module was powered up in calendar week 11/21. The test run went perfectly, as expected. In the next 3 weeks, the system and the controls will be fine-tuned. As will the measuring and testing of temperatures, pressures and exhaust gas values under different conditions and the variables and controls will be adjusted to obtain the optimum performance and the optimised end product paraffin oil.

Fine tuning the ENESPA Wastx in test mode

The facility will be set up at a separate location after the final tweaks have been made
ENESPA AG will continue commissioning at this location for testing purposes for approx. 3 months. During this time, the authorities will carry out the TÜV inspection. While this is happening, the infrastructure at the final site is being built so that the facility will be permanently installed there in the summer of 2021.

Images of the commissioning for test purposes in mid-March 2021 

The infrastructure at the permanent site will be prepared during the 3-month test operation. The aim is to rapidly expand the system to the planned capacity of the first phase in 3-4 months.

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ENESPA AG will generate positive cash flow starting with the first investment. By operating several facilities simultaneously, revenues increase disproportionately and, accordingly, so does the value of the company. There is great demand for this technology. 18 locations in Germany are interested in operating a facility at this time.

The business development fund of the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park is very interested in the ENESPA project. Following a thorough investigation, the responsible development bank declared the project eligible for funding. The project will be supported by the development bank once the approval process is completed. The approval process is in progress. (As of July 2020)

The aim is for the first 5,000 kg/day facility in the industrial park to be commissionedby the end of 2020. As soon as this facility is in reliable operation, ENESPA will build another ten facilities and then gradually expand to forty facilities. The ten facilities are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2021.

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