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ENESPA GmbH Germany

The most important reason for setting up production in Germany first is the ready availability of suitable raw material. In Germany, the "yellow bag" has been used to collect plastic waste for years.

Concept plans for recycling factory

Plastics Recycling Factory
Visions are taking shape. While the first 250 kg/day module is being delivered after undergoing endurance tests and the first 1,000 kg/day module for ENESPA goes into production, specialists are working on the plans for the recycling factory.

Environmental impact assessment successfully completed

The Federal Immission Control Act procedure is required to authorise the operation of a thermo-recycling system of our size. The procedure of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) includes building and operating permits as well as all measurable parameters for the operation and control of the facility (immissions, safety, etc.). The first phase, the environmental impact assessment, has been completed and approved.
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