Concept plans for recycling factory

Concept Plans For Recycling Factory
Visions are taking shape. While the first 250 kg/day module is being delivered after undergoing endurance tests and the first 1,000 kg/day module for ENESPA goes into production, specialists are working on the plans for the recycling factory.
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Design plans ready to go into production

Design Plans Ready To Go Into Production
The design plans for the first recycling module are ready for construction. The module processes 1,000 kg/day of mixed plastic waste into the raw product paraffin oil. Five such modules form a productive 40-foot container facility which will be commissioned starting at the beginning of September.
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Environmental impact assessment successfully completed

Environmental Impact Assessment Successfully Completed
The Federal Immission Control Act procedure is required to authorise the operation of a thermo-recycling system of our size. The procedure of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) includes building and operating permits as well as all measurable parameters for the operation and control of the facility (immissions, safety, etc.). The first phase, the environmental impact assessment, has been completed and approved.
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Plots and approval procedures

Plots And Approval Procedures
To implement this process, close cooperation with the authorities (immission control, building authority, waste, contaminated sites and soil protection, water pollution control) was crucial.
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